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公告 管理員 - 系務 | 2022-05-10 | 點閱數: 369

further to our previous announcement, registration for Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2022 is now open for this year’s in-person meeting, to take place at our London venue during 6-17 June 2022. 

We will run the meeting in hybrid mode to also enable online participation.


Our current line-up of confirmed speakers is as follows:

Week 1 (6-10th June)


Subir Sachdev (Harvard)
Qimiao Si (Rice)
Seamus Davis (Oxford)
Hae Young Kee (Toronto)
Ashley Cooke (MPI Dresden)
Nigel Hussey (Bristol)
Radu Coldea (Oxford)
John Saunders (Royal Holloway, London)
Eugene Demler (ETH Z

Week II. 13-17th June

Joerg Schmalian (Karslruhe)
Elio Koenig (MPI Stuttgart)
Andrei Bernevig (Princeton)
Premi Chandra (Rutgers)
Sven Friedemann (Bristol)
Suchitra Sebastian (Cambridge)
Pascal Simon (U. Paris Saclay)
Shivaji Sondhi (Oxford)


We would be grateful if you can register by 22 May to facilitate our planning of venues. 


Additionally, we will preferentially consider contributed submissions made by 27 May for contributed talks. 

Please have an abstract and a short one-slide presentation to hand should you wish to apply for one.



You can find further information on confirmed speakers and other useful information on our conference website: 




Please register via the form linked at https://research.kent.ac.uk/pqm/cmpc-2022/registration/.



We would be grateful if you can pass on this announcement to interested parties within your institutions. 

Please also note that some financial support is available, preferentially for junior participants from ICAM nodes.


We look forward to seeing you in London, or online, soon.



for the organizing committee


Ryan Barnett, HTC, Imperial College London

Sam Carr, HTC, University of Kent

Claudio Castelnovo, University of Cambridge

Andrew Green, HTC, University College London

Andrew Ho, HTC, Royal Holloway, University of London

Frank Kruger, HTC, University College London

Gunnar Möller, HTC University of Kent

Jorge Quintanilla, HTC University of Kent

Giovanni Sordi, HTC, Royal Holloway, University of London




Dr Gunnar Möller | Royal Society University  Research Fellow
Physics of Quantum Materials Group, School of Physical Sciences, University of Kent
Room 230D, Ingram Building
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1227 81 6025


Hubbard Theory Consortium
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy